How to prepare your dataset

Clean Up: First, you’ll need to delete any extraneous information: comments, images, extra rows & columns - anything a machine would not read. If you have two pieces of information shared in the same column (e.g. City/State), break those into two columns. In Excel this can typically be done quite easily by using the “text to columns” command.

Pare Down: If you’ve got a dataset with a lot of information on it, we recommend removing data you won’t be using. Think of the story you want to tell.

Maps: If you’d like to create maps, know that for mapping our system recognizes country, state, county*, city, and zip code  *(if you include county, you must include state)

Wide vs. Long: You'll want to look for ways of reshaping the data from "wide" to "long". Wide is typically easier for people to read, but our system offers more options when the data is long. Another way of thinking of it: if you have multiple columns with the same data within it (such ethnicities or age groups), you want to think about ways to transposing the data so that this same data is within one column.

Friendly Headers: Pay attention to your column headers, as they will show up on your charts.

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