Tips on building charts

Dimensions and Measures

  • A dimension is a category that provides a consistent view of data. e.g. date, city, state
  • A measure is a numeric value that is of interest. e.g. sales, percent of growth, number of participants


Types of charts LiveStories supports, based on what data you provide:

Data Provided

Chart Type Allowed

1 measure

number, donut

1 dimension, 1 measure

area, bar (horizontal and vertical), line, pie, map (if columns are detected)

1 dimension, 2+ measures

stacked area, multi-series bar (horizontal and vertical), multi-series line, bar-line combo

2 dimensions, 1 measure

stacked area, horizontal stacked bar, multi-series bar (horizontal and vertical), stacked bar (horizontal and vertical), multi-series line, heat map

For info on measures and dimensions, see here.

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