Sharing Charts using Play

LiveStories supports sharing charts with the ability for others to “play”, interacting with the data just as you can. The exceptions are that they cannot view/edit the dataset, or use the dashboard, story, or discuss options.

Here are the steps to share a story in this way:

  1. The dataset must be set to “Public”. To do this, go to the Dataset section, and click on the three vertical dots behind the dataset you will be sharing. Select “Make Public”.
  2. Build the chart you want to share, using that public dataset.
  3. Click the chart's menu (upper right-hand corner) and choose “Embed”.
  4. Click the check-box to “Enable Interaction” and click “Play”.
  5. The enabled chart will open in a new tab, copy that URL and share it.

If you ever want to stop sharing the chart, revert the dataset to Private by following Step 1 above and selecting “Make Private”.


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