Using the Dashboard

The Dashboard section is where you will save your charts to publish or use them in a Story.

To save a chart, click "pin chart" and either select an existing Dashboard, or scroll to the bottom of your drop-down and click "CREATE NEW". 

Within a Dashboard you can:

  • Move charts in relation to each other by using the left and right arrow .
  • Edit a chart by clicking the “chart” icon on a chart:
  • Add notes by clicking the "add note" icon on a chart: . The Icon changes once a note is added: .
  • Add a Chart - Hit the plus sign in lower-right corner of the page: .This takes you back to the Chart section and you can build one from scratch.
  • Publish - Share your dashboard by providing a URL. Viewers do not need to have a LiveStories account to view your published dashboard.
  • Unpublish - This will make a dashboard you shared no longer visible


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