Q. Where can I find images for my Stories?


This site allows you to find creative commons images easily:

  • Select "creative commons” or “commercial", and “show originals”.
  • Scroll down to see free images, and click on one you like. Keep in mind the dimensions of our “cover”, as it is in landscape proportions, much wider than it is tall. You want to pick an image that can be cropped into those dimensions, and still look good.
  • Images may be labeled as "some rights reserved" and you want to read and follow those requirements.
  • You can add an attribution by creating a custom “simple text” section at the bottom of your story and placing all of your sources there using 8pt text, so as to not take away from the rest of the story.  

LiveStories also has an image library here. No attribution is needed for these images. You are completely free to use them within the LiveStories platform and in PDFs created with LiveStories.

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