How To Clean Data In Excel -- Combining Text

If you have two cells that you would like to combine, say ‘First name’ and ‘Last name’. There is a neat function within Excel to do this. By using the ampersand (&) you can combine content of two cells into one new cell. If you just want to combine two text strings, simply start out with the equal sign, select the first cell add an '&' and select the second cell.

Excel formula
=[Cell 1]&[Cell 2]

However, in this case we want to combine a first name and a last name, say Jane Doe. To avoid that the output becomes JaneDoe, you need to add a space between the two cells. To do this add two quotation marks with a space in-between, and include it as an element between the two cells. The formula should look like this.

Excel formula:
=[Cell 1]&” “&[Cell 2]


Easily combine content of two cells using the & in Excel. 

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