How to Create a Map

Mapping Predefined Areas

At this time, LiveStories supports the use of country, state, county*, city, and zip code data for creating maps. (*Please note, if you’re using county data to create a map, you must also include a “State” column, many counties have the same name in different states.  Even if all your counties are in the same state, include a "State" column.)

If you have geojson files with Census Tract coordinates, we can upload those into your team account, so you can use them in your charts.  Likewise, if you have custom polygon files (such as neighborhoods, school or health districts) in geojson format, we can attach those to your account as well.

To map successfully, your datasheet must have one dimension (category, e.g. County) and one numeric measure (number, e.g. Number of, percent of, rate, etc).  At this point, text data (names) will not map.

Select one geographic dimension and one measure in the column drop-downs, and click on the map icon just below the chart.  Your map should appear.


Mapping Latitude and Longitude

LiveStories can map numeric values, if latitude and longitude coordinates are given in the same row of the data set.  Each coordinate should have its own column, with the column names “Latitude” and “Longitude”. To map a value by location, select the column you wish to map, then select Latitude and Longitude, which will appear in the column drop down list if you have those column titles in your dataset.

As for the latitude and longitude values, they can have any number of decimal places – it doesn’t have to be 4. (However, 4 will be most accurate.


The image above shows how to best name your columns for Latitude and Longitude to work in a map.  These columns may appear in any order – it’s the column names that are important.


Missing towns - If you create a map of cities, but the one need is missing, it may be that the town is too small to be included our list.  LiveStories maps cities using a library of cities with a population of 5000 people or more.  If a town is very important to you and isn’t on the map, please let us know and we can add it.

Latitude and Longitude don’t work – Make sure each value is in a separate column, and those columns are labeled “latitude: and “longitude”.  You can only map numeric values, not text values. Do not include letters in your coordinates, such as “38.2S”.  Use “-32.8” instead.

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